Jelani Manigault

Jelani Manigault had a “presence” that drew people to him. He possessed a sensitivity that people sought out when they wanted to share their deepest feelings. Jelani beamed what seemed like the warmest smile on the planet. His gift of friendship was prized. He made each person he encountered feel special. This has been attested to by scores of people, close friends and strangers alike. He expressed joy and laughter (often being witty and corny at the same time), love and kindness, humility, sincerity, and wisdom well beyond his years. Jelani’s truly remarkable qualities included as well an abundance of grace and compassion.

Love is the one word that sums up how this book came about. It began with the love that Jelani Manigault’s parents showered upon him from birth. It grew through the love he showered upon friends and family and strangers throughout his life. It continues now, in the aftermath of his passing, with the love that those same family members, friends, and strangers want to extend to him and others in his memory.

In the summer of 2001, Caroline Brewer threw away her old, comfortable life as an award-winning, Pulitzer Prize-nominated newspaper columnist in exchange for becoming founder and CEO of Unchained Spirit Enterprises, a motivational and educational publishing and seminar company.

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