The JELANI Institute – 2010
(Justice Equity Love and Awareness Now Institute)
Annual Day of Remembrance

Dear Friends: We mourn the passing of Jelani’s dad, Andrew (Andy) Manigault (May 19, 1944 to March 5, 2010). We honor and remember both Andy and Jelani – father and son – at this year’s gathering.
OUR OVERALL THEME THIS YEAR: The Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5)  
With a specific focus on two TRACK AND FIELD coaches who have spent their entire adult lives molding and shaping the talents of young people – exemplary of the JELANI Institute’s mission of recognizing laudable qualities in ourselves and others (the fruits of the Sprit; and The Jelani Tree by Caroline Brewer) and developing gifts and talents especially in young people so that they can shine with accomplishments and successes (in the spirit of Jelani and his many multi-talented friends and family members).
Sunday, April 11, 2010 2:30 p.m. TEANECK HIGH SCHOOL 3rd Floor Student Center
Teaneck High School is located on Route 4 at Queen Anne Road. Exact address is 100 Elizabeth Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
Special Honorees: 
Track Coaches Michelle McMillan and Cheryl Miller-Porter
Bring the whole family! We want to meet the kids! There will be activities for children throughout – including fun races and activities on the Track following the program. Wear comfortable shoes!


Official WELCOME and Blessing of the Food.
VIDEO Remembrances of Jelani and His Dad, Andrew.
In lieu of a keynote speaker this year, we will have two very exciting and very inspiring features that will involve all of you who are able to attend -- one near the beginning of the program and one near the end. FEATURE 1: A hands-on Participatory/Sharing Session – where we will review last July’s brainstorming session, and engage you in helping us identify and secure the necessary resources that will allow us to move forward with our dual missions.
UPDATES on our multiple activities this past year:
  1. Our work in informing the community about the need for increased and proper training for law enforcement and other first responders:
    1. Report from the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office.
    2. Information sessions and speaking engagements in the community.
    3. The development of our Speakers’ Bureau.
    4. Contact with specific members of law enforcement.
    5. Our stance on the introduction of tasers in New Jersey.
    6. Inviting other organizations to become sponsors for our cause.
  2. Jelani Tree Updates:
    1. Translation of The Jelani Tree into Spanish.
    2. Felician College students take The Jelani Tree to Nicaragua.
    3. A Felician College exchange student to take The Jelani Tree to South Korea.
    4. Reports on The Jelani Tree in classrooms elsewhere around the world and in the U.S. (including expansion in Africa and possibly in the South Pacific).
    5. Sunday School, Missionary, and Library projects.
    6. Jelani trees/bushes/plants and accompanying plaques.
  3. Report on Caroline Brewer’s Unchained Spirit Enterprises (including innovative and inspiring uses of The Jelani Tree)
OUR HONOREES: Track and Field Coaches Michelle McMillan and Cheryl Miller-Porter (Teaneck High School). Miller-Porter also the founder and director of the Teaneck Terpsychoreans.
Video highlights.
Presentation of awards.
SPECIAL FEATURE 2: Creation of our very own Gratitude Journals.
A word about the “fruits of the Spirit”.
A message from Dr. Mary Wade (a co-founder of The JELANI Institute) from Costa Rica. Her unique contributions to the Peace University down there, and her nationwide Light Messengers network here in the U.S.
Dr. Wade leads us in the creation of our very own Gratitude Journals. Each attendee will be given the gift of a journal by the Institute, and we will engage in creation of our initial entries into those journals – the activity of which will broaden and uplift you tremendously and will speak to the very core of our mission that we are focusing on in this year’s Day of Remembrance.
TRACK AND FIELD activities outside.
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