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The Jelani Tree – What’s Inside the Book

Set in the heart of a bustling city, The Jelani Tree is a book about a magnificent tree that is in danger of dying before it shares its plentiful fruit with the world. Discovering the tree’s peril, a courageous and spirited boy sets out to rally his friends and neighbors to save the tree. This book comes with a comprehensive guide for teachers and parents, with exercises that address state academic standards, and a glossary.

The book was inspired by Jelani (Swahili for “mighty”) Manigault, a loving and talented young man from Teaneck, NJ, who died in January 2003 at the age of 24. What Happened to Jelani

ALL proceeds from the book support The JELANI (Justice, Equity, Love, and Awareness Now) Institute, which is dedicated to helping children develop their gifts and talents. Its mission also is to educate the public and police about people experiencing emotional or mental distress, and to help all of us learn to be less judgmental.

Hundreds of people have supported this project. We deeply appreciate you. We hope that all of you, and the new buyers and supporters of this book, will enjoy it and absorb some of the sweet essence that was Jelani.

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